Peer to Peer Training

Project Results

Implementation of Pilot Peer-to-Peer Training

After completing capacity building sessions, we will organize piloting of the peer-to-peer support training scheme for young learners in each of our target countries. Our aim is to provide guidance under the supervision of newly trained trainers.

We recommend a hybrid tutoring approach, which includes both one-to-one and online sessions. However, we understand that young people’s needs may vary, so we will make adjustments accordingly.

We will adopt a proactive approach and social and collaborative learning methods to promote interaction, self-reflection, and bonding among peers. These are the main characteristics of peer-to-peer learning and have been shown to be highly effective in reducing stress and anxiety.

Evaluation of the Pilot Training

We understand the importance of evaluating the effectiveness of our pilot training program. To collect feedback on the learning activities, open educational resources, and the performance of trainers, we will use self-awareness questionnaires.

Based on the responses, we will produce evaluation reports and make necessary adjustments to the material or methodology. Our goal is to continually improve the quality of our program and ensure that it meets the needs of young learners.

By incorporating feedback from our participants, we can make informed decisions about the best ways to support their learning and development. We are committed to using this feedback to create a program that is effective, engaging, and accessible to all.


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