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Desk Review & Needs Analysis of Target Groups

At COPE, our first activity will focus on conducting a comprehensive desk review and needs analysis of our target groups. This research will help us identify the needs of young people and the social and intercultural skill sets and knowledge required by youth workers to respond to the current challenges, as well as exploring their digital competences in youth work. Our aim is to use this information as a basis for developing capacity-building training and peer-to-peer programs.

To ensure consistency and comparability, all partners will follow a common research methodology and use the same structure, tools, and guidelines. We will gather data and information from two primary sources:

  • Existing literature, studies, and publications at both national and EU levels that address the needs and challenges faced by disadvantaged youth in relation to the most common mental health conditions arising from adverse circumstances. We will also identify the best practices related to psychosocial support programs for youth in our partner countries.
  • Focus group discussions with youth and young adults to better understand their experiences and challenges related to mental health and to identify their specific needs and preferences in terms of support.

By conducting this desk review and needs analysis, we hope to gain a better understanding of the needs of our target groups and to develop effective and impactful programs to address these needs.

National and Transnational Report

We will compile all of the information we gather from the desktop research into national reports, which will provide in-depth analysis of the mental health challenges faced by disadvantaged youth in each partner country, as well as the social, intercultural, and digital skills required by youth workers to respond to these challenges. These reports will be an important tool for guiding the development of effective programs to support the mental health and well-being of young people.

Once all of the national reports are completed, we will combine them into a transnational report, which will allow us to compare the findings from each country and identify useful conclusions and recommendations at a European level. By sharing these findings and recommendations, we hope to contribute to a broader understanding of the mental health challenges faced by young people across Europe and to promote the development of effective strategies and solutions to address these challenges.

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