Empowering Youth: Strategies for Navigating Stress and Anxiety

Join us for “Empowering Youth: Strategies for Navigating Stress and Anxiety,” a training course designed for young trainers, youth workers, young psychologists, performers and people working on the arts, as well as people interested in helping others going through anxiety and stress.
Led by the Vienna Association of Education Volunteers as part of the COPE project funded by the European Union. This course features guest Jessica Cottee who will guide us through an experiential workshop using dance and movement for wellbeing.

1st Session: April 03, 2024
2nd Session: April 08, 2024
at 18:00
Register for the training course here: https://forms.gle/KZLsAKhGjnmMnSJSA
*The course will be held in English, the location will be sent out after registration.
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