Concrete  peer to peer solutions and support among youth for mentally coping with the anxiety and stress associated with the COVID-19 pandemic

Grant agreement no.: 2022-1-CZ01-KA220-YOU-000087895

1st Blogpost COPE

We are glad to announce the launch of the European Funded Erasmus+ project COPE: Concrete Peer to peer solutions and support among youth for mentally coping with the anxiety and stress associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Through our newly established website (, you can learn more about the COPE project, its objectives, main outputs and activities, expected results and impact. The project website was designed and developed by Jugend- und Kulturprojekt eV. (Germany) with the valuable contribution of the project coordinator YOUTH INCLUDED ZS (Czech) and all project partners: VAEV Research and Development Agency GmbH (Austria), IDEC (Greece), Innovation Training Center, S.L. (Spain) and SYMPLEXIS (Greece). 

The COPE project aims to counter the negative effects of the conflict in Ukraine and the COVID-19 crisis on youth mental health by strengthening key protective factors through digital peer support through the arts. Young participants will be provided with educational tools and opportunities that will allow them to feel included and noticed, and thus be able to improve their mental health through hybrid, self-directed skills training with their peers under the guidance of youth specialists.

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Activities implemented under the COPE project will be as follows:

        Mapping of the specific psychosocial challenges of youth during the post Covid-19 period and identification of state-of-the-art psychosocial support programs for youth.

        The design and development of a digital learning platform for peer-to-peer support under the guidance of youth workers based on the identified needs.

        The delivery of capacity building training for youth workers and piloting implementation of the peer-to-peer support training scheme.

        Communication, dissemination, and exploitation activities.


The results will include the umproved competence of youth workers and leaders in selected EU countries to promote the mutual (peer-to-peer) support of youngsters on inclusion and an enhanced capacity of youth organizations regarding the effective design and implementation of interventions aimed at combating mental health problems.


Our first e-newsletter will be soon released and will provide you with further information about the progress of our work, the target groups of the COPE project, and the major milestones that our consortium has achieved so far. Please find our Newsletter here: 

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