Cope Piloting: Youth Peer Support for Coping with Anxiety and Stress Workshop and Painting Evening in Vienna!

On May 24, 2024, the first workshop for the Cope Piloting project in Vienna, Austria, kicked off with a COPE workshop and a painting evening session featuring artist Arasyem. Hosted by the Vienna Association of Education Volunteers R&D, their office spaces were transformed into a nurturing environment for well-being and reflection.

The event began with an engaging presentation on the COPE e-learning platform and its diverse modules covering Youth Mental Health, Music Therapy, Drama Therapy, Body-Oriented and Movement Therapy, and Visual Art and Therapeutic Photography. Participants were encouraged to log in, register, and explore the platform with guidance from a young trainer. Following an insightful discussion about the COPE project, its partners, outcomes, and upcoming results, the workshop transitioned to the painting session led by Arasyem, a newly trained COPE trainer.

Arasyem began with a calming breathing exercise before introducing different watercolour techniques and offering tips for overcoming creative blocks. The open and supportive atmosphere allowed participants to paint, share, and unwind together.

It was a memorable evening of creativity and connection, setting a positive tone for future Cope Piloting workshops in Vienna.

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