Strategies for Navigating Stress and Anxiety: A Recap of the COPE Project Training of Trainers in Vienna

In early April, the Vienna Association of Education Volunteers R&D had the incredible opportunity to host and facilitate the COPE Project Training of Trainers in the vibrant city of Vienna. The event, spanning over two sessions, was proof to the power of art, movement, therapy, learning, and growth.

Kicking off on April 3, 2024, the first session commenced with a warm welcome, introducing participants to the groundbreaking COPE project and its innovative online training platform. Attendees were then immediately immersed in an invigorating dance and movement session, led by the exceptionally talented dancer and psychotherapist, Jessica Cottee. This session set the tone for what was to come—a harmonious blend of physical activity and intellectual engagement.

Then in the second session,took place on April 8, 2024, here the COPE training delved deeper into its modules. Jessica Cottee, once again, took the lead, providing a brief yet profound overview of trauma-informed facilitation. Emphasizing the importance of creating safer spaces and understanding the impact of trauma, participants were encouraged to approach training with empathy and sensitivity. Another round of body movement exercises reinforced these principles, fostering a holistic approach to learning.

Throughout the training, participants had the opportunity to explore the essence of wellbeing and gain valuable insights into trauma-informed training facilitation. The intersection of movement, education, and psychology created a dynamic learning environment, sparking meaningful conversations and connections among attendees. It was a journey marked by growth, and reflection.

As the COPE Project Training of Trainers in Vienna concluded, excitement lingered in the air. Participants left with newfound knowledge, skills, and perspectives, ready to apply them in their respective fields. But the journey doesn’t end here—stay tuned for upcoming sessions led by our newly trained trainers! Exciting opportunities lie ahead, and we invite you to join us on this continued exploration of wellbeing and art therapy.

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